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Bydgoszcz thrills. It stuns tourists with its unique architecture deriving from Secession Movement. Bydgoszcz astounds its visitors with mysterious, green areas as the city is surrounded by magnificent forests and breathtaking wilderness of the National Reservation - Bory Tucholskie. The city has been tightly connected to the Brda river, which has had a significant impact on its development, mainly due to the Canal built in the XVIII century.


With time, another water route became crucial for the city's growth, namely the Vistula river, today being mainly the tourist and leisure attraction. The city centre reminds of Venice, with its water trams, barges, boats, ships and riverbanks bustling with activity.

Bydgoszcz is not only the city that loves sport, but it is also adored by sport lovers. Its growth can be owed to sports tradition and the many spectacular stadiums, swimming pools and sports arenas, being excellent venues for the organisation of top class international events. Each year the city attracts thousands of spectators and sportsmen thanks to its unique, homely atmosphere and fantastic training fascilities, appreciated even by the most demanding stars. Here sport is passion. Feel the emotions and joy of victory in Bydgoszcz.


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